Unveiling the Best Pop Hits Albums of 2020: Your Ultimate Auditory Ride


The year 2020 was undeniably tumultuous, but the world of music didn’t fail to deliver exhilarating pop hits albums. From the vibrant world of Billie Eilish to the husky tones of Harry Styles, allow us to navigate you through the ultimate auditory journey that is the best pop hits of 2020.

Decoding Dua Lipa’s Successful "Future Nostalgia"

Dua Lipa set the music scene on fire in 2020 with her second full-length album, "Future Nostalgia". Leaning heavily on dance-pop and comprising of 11 electrifying tracks, Lipa cemented her place in pop music with chart-topping hits like "Don’t Start Now" and "Physical". The album stands testament to her evolution as an artist, showing an impressive knack for versatility in production and songwriting.

Lady Gaga Returns with "Chromatica"

After a foray into country and soundtracks, Lady Gaga made a triumphant return to pop music with "Chromatica". The album transports listeners to a dystopian planet filled with danceable music and raw discussions of mental health. With tracks like "Rain On Me" featuring Ariana Grande and "Stupid Love", Gaga proved that she still rules the pop universe.

Harry Styles’ "Fine Line" Defines Pop Magic

Harry Styles’ sophomore album, "Fine Line", also amused music enthusiasts in 2020. Infused with 70’s soft-rock tones, the album takes listeners on a journey from heartbreak to self-discovery. Hit tracks like "Adore You" and "Watermelon Sugar" showcase Styles’ musical evolution, effortlessly merging pop structures with retro-inspired tones.

Exploring Pop Ingenuity in The Weeknd’s "After Hours"

The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, "After Hours", also played a pivotal role in the 2020 music scene. Known for his eclectic style and haunting melodies, the artist unleashed songs that made waves globally. The synth-driven "Blinding Lights" and emotive "In Your Eyes" were hits that echoed in radio waves throughout the year.

The Unparalleled Versatility in Taylor Swift’s "Folklore"

2020 also witnessed an unexpected flavour in pop from Taylor Swift. Her surprise album, "Folklore", introduced fans to a softer, indie-pop/soft-rock inspired side. The album created an enchanted forest of sound with tracks like "Cardigan" and "Exile (ft. Bon Iver)". It’s an album that demonstrated Swift’s courage to drastically pivot, showcasing her knack for narrative and lyrical depth.

Halsey’s Artistic Evolution in "Manic"

Halsey’s "Manic" marked her third studio album. The deeply personal record offered an intimate glimpse into her darkest and most private insecurities. The album ranged from country-infused tunes to her well-loved pop anthems. Key tracks include "You should be sad" and "Graveyard", each striking a different emotional chord.

Billie Eilish’s Breakthrough in "No Time to Die"

Finally, Billie Eilish continued her pop domination from 2019 into 2020. Although she didn’t release a full album, her single "No Time to Die" for the James Bond franchise became a worldwide hit. The haunting melody underlined by her distinctive dark-pop style solidified her position in the pop hits of 2020.


The pop hits albums of 2020 served a diverse platter of music, each delivering a unique spin on pop. By fusing elements from different genres and periods, these albums and artists delivered an unforgettable year in music despite the challenges presented by global events.

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