The Pioneers and Powerhouses: A Comprehensive Overview of Empire Distribution Artists


Empire Distribution, more commonly known just as EMPIRE, is a worldwide powerhouse when it comes to music distribution, label services, and artist management. Since its establishment in 2010 by Ghazi Shami, EMPIRE has emerged at the forefront of the musical world, representing a diverse repertoire of performers and artists. This article aims to delve into the depths of Empire Distribution’s artists, unfolding their incredible stories of talent, perseverance, and astounding success.

The Beginning and Growth of EMPIRE

In 2010, Ghazi Shami started the journey of a lifetime by creating EMPIRE. As a distribution company based in San Francisco, California, EMPIRE had a humble beginning. Still, with a clear vision in mind, Shami’s determination transformed the startup into a colossal entity. The initial focus of EMPIRE was on independent hip-hop artists, but as its influence grew, it began working with a wide array of musicians, ranging from various genres.

Spotlight on Key EMPIRE Artists

Kendrick Lamar

Arguably one of the most influential and mainstream artists affiliated with EMPIRE, Kendrick Lamar’s debut studio album "Section.80" was released through the company’s digital distribution channels. Lamar’s unique introspective style and lyrical depth made the album a talking point throughout the industry and emphasized the potency of Empire Distribution’s model.

Anderson .Paak

Grammy-winning artist Anderson .Paak has been another influential figure in EMPIRE’s illustrious artist roster. His distinct blend of R&B, funk, hip-hop, and soul music styles has enthralled fans globally, helping boost his and EMPIRE’s fame simultaneously.


Multi-platinum rapper Tyga chose to work with EMPIRE after deciding to get away from major record labels. His partnership with EMPIRE resulted in his critically and commercially successful album, "Legendary".

EMPIRE’s Artists and Global Impact

With artists from various genres and backgrounds, EMPIRE has considerably impacted the music industry worldwide. The company’s ability to identify, develop, and promote talent has led to an undeniably robust roster of artists. EMPIRE’s artists have scooped up several prestigious awards, including Grammy Awards, showcasing their impressive clout.

A Look Into Genres with EMPIRE

While EMPIRE was established with a primary focus on hip-hop, its portfolio now encompasses many different genres. From electronic to reggae, from R&B to pop, the diversity in EMPIRE’s artist roster reflects the evolution of the company.

EMPIRE: More Than a Distribution Company

EMPIRE has become more than a mere distribution company over the years. Its comprehensive service offerings now include artist management, marketing services, promotion, and more. EMPIRE’s far-sighted approach aims to bring complete and comprehensive artist representation, reflecting in their unrivaled artist roster.


EMPIRE started as a small distribution company but has since amassed a fantastic array of artists spread across diverse genres. From humble beginnings, EMPIRE has quickly risen through the ranks to become a global music industry powerhouse, providing comprehensive services to its artists. The success stories of Empire Distribution’s artists are like shining stars in the vast cosmos of the music world, each leaving an indelible mark and shaping the future of sound.

Indeed, the Empire Distribution artists come from different backgrounds, with different musical styles, but they all share a common thread. They each have distinctive voices that are amplified and brought to our ears through the efforts of EMPIRE. Without a doubt, their resounding success stories shine brightly, collectively forming a musical constellation that lights up the industry sky.

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